Sweet Little Emma Dreamland 2

Sweet Little Emma Dreamland 2

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Enjoy a wonderful day with Sweet Little Emma in her Dreamland! Start from her dream strawberry house, help baby girl Emma get ready for a new day, have breakfast and go play outside! In sweet little Emma's Dreamland there is still so much more to discover: water and harvest fruits and vegetables, feed birds and bunnies in her cute garden, learn making delicious sandwich, have a picnic, go to girls spa and dress up Emma, take care of wonderful Unicorn!

Sweet Little Emma Dreamland 2 features 8 different locations where all little girls like Emma can play the best games for kids and toddlers!

Game Activities

Play in Emma’s Dream STRAWBERRY HOUSE!
Little Emma just woke up! Before starting a day with healthy breakfast, Emma has to tidy her room and her toys. Then teach Emma to use the potty, wash her hands and face in the bathroom and brush her teeth. Done? Excellent! Now enter the kitchen and have breakfast with Emma. She will be supper happy and ready for more adventures in her Dreamland!

Take Care of Emma‘s UNICORN!
Help Emma feed, bath, wash and take care of her funny pet Unicorn.

Have Fun in Emma’s GARDEN!
There is always plenty to do in her garden, full of the most delicious fruits and vegetables. Grow carrots by watering them and harvesting them! Sort apples and oranges into correct baskets, feed the small cheeky raven and bird, and have tons of fun with Emma in her little farm!

After all the work in the garden, Emma can relax. What can be better than having a fantastic picnic? Help Sweet Little Emma prepare the picnic blanket with tea. Play and learn to share - Emma always shares a cup of tea and a piece of sandwich with her friend sweet little bird! As a reward, you will get a bonus music game! Xylophone with real sounds, and the musical frogs. You will love it!

Relax in a Dream SPA!
Emma always finds time for her dream Spa. She loves to sit in the bath surrounded by relaxing music. Prepare a fragrant Spa bath for Emma and apply beauty face mask!

Emma is a Princess who loves to dress-up in colorful fashion clothing. Create new combinations and looks by changing the items: dresses, shoes, hats, bags, glasses and much more in various models and colors! There are lot of fashion combinations to choose from!

Make a SANDWICH with Sweet Little Emma!
Help Emma prepare her lunch! Prepare the most delicious, egg, cheese, ketchup, salad and club sandwiches ever. Surprise Emma with a cupcake and pop the cheeky cute bees!

Collect Super Cute Stickers!
Sweet Little Emma has a very beautiful sticker book. Every time you will reach a new level, you will get a sticker as a reward. Collect all cute girly stickers!

TV Time!
Tap the TV, watch kids videos with Emma and get extra coins!

Thank You, Emma's Friends!
A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played these games. Please follow Sweet Little Emma on Twitter or like on Facebook for the latest updates and to provide product feedback!
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/SweetLittleEmma


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