Stick PenPen – Fun Journey
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Stick PenPen – Fun Journey

喷喷大冒险之棍子企鹅 - 免费休闲小游戏

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This classic casual game now has a new character – PenPen the penguin!
Tap and hold on the screen, help PenPen decide how far he should stretch the stick to cross the gap.
Carefully measure the distance between icebergs with your feeling, PenPen’s adventure is counting on you!
It’s a simple but addictive game, the best choice to pass some alone time. The game starts easy but it takes lots of practice to become a master.Features:
1. Exquisite background shows beautiful Antarctic views as you play.
2. Enjoy the wonderful visual effects.
3. Challenge yourself and get one extra point by landing the end of the stick precisely on the Red Spot.
4. Share your scores on Facebook and invite your friends to challenge you!

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  • File Size: 4.69MB
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Update Time:
  • Developer: PICOO Design

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