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Tooth Fairy Magic Adventure - Healthy Teeth Games

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Do you like playing fairy tale games? Do you like to brush your teeth with the tooth fairy? Would you like to travel to a fairyland where magic and fantasy come true? Well if you're into some new adventures and you want to join this wonderful girl, get ready because this is the place where an adventure girl like you should be! Start unleashing your creativity and healthy habits in these educational fairy adventure games full of wobbly teeth!

The daily life of this kind of fairy girls are full of magical experiences and you can explore them all starting with the first level of the cleanup games, where you will find our amazing tooth fairy at her house when it’s time to wake up. She will need to prepare her wonderful and fantastic fairy tale day.

Pack her stuff for the night: Learn how to grind the fairy dust and prepare the toothpaste with mint and lime, the toothbrush and the mouthwash. Choose a beautiful box and collect coins from the tree for the children that are waiting for you and your magic with a tooth under the pillow along the journey!

Have a look now to the magic mirror to check if the tooth fairy princess is ready. Help her to fix her appearance and play awesome mini games in the meanwhile as if you were in a beauty salon. Brush her hair, wash her teeth with the toothbrush, prepare her something delicious to eat and let’s go!

In the following level, you will have to take care of her little cute puppy: The fluffy dog needs a cure for his paw. Take the splinter out of the puppy leg and apply a bandage to the sweet dog. Now clean and feed him. You only can love this pet! Help him with the care he needs and make sure he looks healthy!

After you play around a while you can do the job that every tooth fairy out there must do, that is to go at night time on a tooth hunt and find the good kids who have placed their tooth under their pillows and switch them with some precious coins. So, it is time to take care of the baby girl, take her baby teeth and leave a toothbrush under her pillow while she sleeps. Help the toddlers to make their dreams come true. Fly now out through the window thanks to your wings and visit more kids once they fall asleep. Let’s teach the childhood all about the teeth cleaning and some habits of health!

Time for a break. The fairy is tired and needs to recover herself from the day. Help her to relax a bit from the toothpaste factory. Clean her and change her clothes and makeup as if she were in a facial spa. Pick up a fashion dress for her and decorate the fairy wings with some tooth decoration design and brush her teeth to be perfect and ready for adventure again!

- Simple and intuitive fairy magical adventure
- Beautiful fairy tales and role playing games of clean teeth!
- Catchy music, gorgeous graphics and lots of animations to enjoy these tooth fairy games
- Fun and various fairy educational activities in these mini games!

Magic wands, toys, healthy teeth, fairy princess tiara, special gifts and accessories, all awaits for you here! Be a part of these fairy tales yourself by helping this cute little princess to explore the city and do her job just right in this fairy magical game!

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  • Current Version: 2.8.1
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  • OS: 3.2及更高版本
  • Developer: Bull Studios

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