LED Screen Phone
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LED Screen Phone

光二極管 的显示屏的电话机

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Led Screen simulates an electronic screen. It is a simulator of led panel as the announcements of advertising.
The original and most effective way to promote your business or to promote your products. Creates a luminous sign and share it with your customers.
Led panel allows you to simulate an led banner to display messages to your friends, personalized advertisements, communicate news in a creative way and original and even create free ads as if it were a true display of advertising.
You can share messages in a manner entertaining your friends, announce a bond of marriage, birth, birthday invitations, original declarations of love, communicate that you have found employment, which you start a next job or even to find a partner, your imagination is the limit.
Led electronic display features:-choose what you want to show on the led display, you have two options: text message or text message with image.
-Choose the type of led display: display striped, grid square or circular grid.
-The "text message with image" option has several stickers and emoji to choose as image (smiley face, angry face, surprised face, heart, with birthday candle birthday cake, Star, emoji, ***, beer and musical note).
-Enter the text in any language.
-You can edit background of led display. In addition to changing the color of the LEDs of the message text and the background.
-Adjust the size of text with letters led display.
-Fixed moving luminous sign or flashing. With the speed of motion and flicker adjustment.
-Multiple scrolling the text addresses: from left to right and from right to left (optimized for writing Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).
-Creating video with the text led you want and share it with your contacts - make a screenshot to be used as lock screen.
-You can save an unlimited number of text messages.
-Save your creations to customize your wallpaper. You can now download this electronic display and enjoy with the best available in Google Play led panel. It is a free application for the whole family.
Very ponto update Led screen so they can edit videos created with the application and use the lights lights led for notifications.

Detailed info

  • File Size: 27.88MB
  • Current Version: 1.06
  • Update Time: Jul 29, 2016
  • Developer: Ryan Free Games

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