Sweet Dreams - Amazing Match 3
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Sweet Dreams - Amazing Match 3

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Amazing dreams comes true!

Need a sugar fix but don’t want to leave the house? Then set off on a sugary adventure through dozens of delicious locations.

Get ready for the milky coasts, ice cream mountains, flapjack islands and honeycomb valleys, each of which holds in store over 500 exciting match-3 levels.

- Sugarland, the world of saccharine dreams with dozens of slumbering houses for you to wake;
- Piles of delicious levels in every house;
- Lively characters, each with their own interesting tale;
- Different game modes;
- Several difficulties for each level;
- The possibility to play with your friends on Facebook and see who among you is the master of crunching candy;
- Free booster maker to help you lick even the trickiest levels.

Wind your way through a world of sugary sweetness with dozens of luscious locations! Set off on the adventure now, wake Sugarland from its ensorcelled slumber and uncover the secrets of the cunning candyman!

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  • File Size: 58.32MB
  • Current Version: 13.225.0
  • Update Time: Feb 17, 2017

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