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king of avalon

king of avalon

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Screenshot of king of avalon
Screenshot of king of avalon
Screenshot of king of avalon


The first game of dragon development, with different heroes and arms, to create a variety of genres of development!
Farming flow, robbery flow, mining flow, balance flow and other different development methods can cater to different types and personalities of players.
Of course, only by joining the alliance can you experience the joy of this game of brotherhood and common progress. Whether it is to rob others together, or to annihilate together and gather strength bit by bit for revenge, it is a warm-blooded experience together.
Lord of the city, let's go to the throne!

Here, you'll develop a personalized dragon, manipulate devastating magic, rebuild the great Knights of the Round Table, and reclaim the holy sword that symbolizes kingship and power! With the help of the world's most advanced real-time translation system, you will become a legendary king to rule the world!


供应商 北京能量盒科技有限公司
统一社会信用代码 91110108MA0032439M
Official Website Official Website
In-app Purchases Yes
Simplified Chinese and 1 more
Current Version 14.4.1
Size 882 MB
Last Updated on 2022-09-27
Network Connection Required
System Requirements No System Requirements
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