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Crossword Puzzle - Word Search

Word Search - Crossword Puzzle

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Word Search - Crossword Puzzle, word search, mystery crossword puzzle, word find, word seek or crossword solver is a word game that consists of the letters of words placed in a grid, which usually has a rectangular or square shape. The objective of this puzzle is to find and mark all the words hidden inside the box. The words may be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Often a list of the hidden words is provided, but more challenging puzzles may let the player figure them out. Many word search puzzles have a theme to which all the hidden words are related. The puzzles have, like crossword puzzle and arrowords, been very popular in the United Kingdom, and - also in common with these latter puzzles - have had complete magazines devoted to them.- Crossword Puzzle - Word search are commonly found in daily newspapers and puzzle books. Some teachers use crossword solver as educational tools for children, the benefit being that young minds can learn new words and their spellings by intensively searching for them, letter by letter, in the puzzle.
- Crossword Puzzle - Word search puzzles are often used in a teaching or classroom environment, especially in language and foreign language classrooms. Some teachers, particularly those specializing in English as a Second Language (ESL), use word search free as an instructional tool. Other teachers use crossword solver as a recreational activity for students, instead.
★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★
- Word search for 9 languages.
- Many topic: animals, kids, countries.
- Easy, medium or difficult mode.
- Enable or disable suggested words.
- Select number of words.
- Records to save your time when you win.
Word Search - Crossword Puzzle is a word games free but you can learn more words from it.
Play and learn now with Word Search - Crossword Puzzle !

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  • Update Time: May 4, 2016
  • Developer: ImoGame

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