Cute: My Virtual Pet

Cute: My Virtual Pet

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Play all day with Cute, your virtual kitty pet! Little kittens love to play, and Cute will be very happy to have fun and dress up with you. Feed, bath, dress up, makeup, makeover, style and take good care of your kitten. Your new virtual pet needs love and she will love you very much!

Take care of baby kitten Cute every day, earn coins and use them to unlock new clothes and dress up items. If you come to visit daily, you will be rewarded with more and more coins!


Dress up Cute!
This little kitty is called Cute not just for fun. She only wears the cutest dresses, sweaters and accessories! Dress up Cute with fashionable and super cool clothing from her wardrobe. Many fabulous styles await you!

Makeup Time!
Choosing the best outfit is only the beginning, time to do makeup to complete the look! Clean the face, apply foundation, eyeliner... Oh! And don't forget to comb Cute’s hair too! After this daily beauty routine, Cute will look lovely and ready to play!

Decorate Kitten Room!
Cute has an empty room upstairs where you can put colorful toys and furniture to brighten up the place! Add anything you want to make the room the most fun place for Cute to be!

Cooking Time!
Play in the kitchen and make some snacks for your little hungry kitten. Be sure to add some chicken and mix it with Cute's favorite cat food!

Clean up!
Oh no, the place is a disaster... Clean up the house with Cute! This kitty pet can do a great mess for her size but don't worry! She will help you clean up the room, pick up her clothes and polish the floor. The house will look great after a little cleanup with your best friend Cute!

Bath Your Virtual Pet!
After a busy day playing, eating and cleaning, Cute is all dirty again! Go to the bathroom, fill the bathtub and make sure your kitty is having a relaxing time while you clean her. Make some bubbles, rinse and dry her fluffy hair, and she will look wonderful again in the blink of an eye!

Sleep Time!
Finish the day with a comfy bed and a nice lullaby for you little baby pet Cute! Kiss her goodnight and don't forget to switch off the lights!

Movie Theater
Watch movies with your virtual pet Cute and get 200 extra coins!

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