Running Dog: The Champion
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Running Dog: The Champion

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** This game was selected as a finalist for the 2016 Google Indie Game Festival! **

How much do you love and care about puppies?
When you are watching small and cute puppies playing around,
have you ever thought that you want to touch them~ play together, or actually raise them at home?

Don't worry! You can avoid various obstacles and run with your puppies as far as you want!

And, one more thing!
Don't forget that you can use collected dog bones to adopt other cuter and sweeter chubby puppies.

Adopt puppies as many as you can and compare and compete with people in the world
whether who has more puppies and runs far-far away.
Various puppies are waiting for our hands :D

If our small and cute puppies are hit by obstacles, they will get hurt so bad.
So, try not to be hit by obstacles while puppies are running~~!

Your puppy will be running with a lot of excitement as you touch the screen~!
Cannot run backwards and move left or right, but can only run forward~

Then, shall we run all together~? Bow-wow!(Yes~ Let's go!)

[How to Play]
- Touch the screen to run your puppy
but if you are pressing the screen longer, the puppy runs more,
and if you take your finger off the screen, the puppy stops.
- if you meet obstacles, stop for second and wait for the timing!

What's new

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* Improved performance* Removed unnecessary permissions

Detailed info

  • File Size: 24.59MB
  • Current Version: 0.31
  • Update Time: Nov 22, 2016
  • Developer: Mcrony Games

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