Minesweeper Lv999

Minesweeper Lv999

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This is the third game in the series with over one million downloads.

The puzzle has 999 levels and they are all free.
Playstyle is easy so you can enjoy a smooth gameplay.
It's a great game for killing time.

* Minesweeper Lv999's strong point

- The puzzle has 999 levels.
All of the levels are free to play.
There is no time limits so you can play as much or as little as you wish.

- Autosaving
There is a built in autosave function so you don’t have to worry about losing the progress you made with your current puzzle. You can restart the puzzle any time you like.

- Flag mode
When you activate flag mode, it allows you to easily put down the flags without pressing and holding the square.

- Automatic square opening
When you have marked the squares with the buried mines, you can click one of the already opened squares to quickly open a large area of squares.

- Revive function
When you happen to open a square with a buried mine you can keep on playing the game by using your coins. This function is limited to three times per puzzle.

- Hide time count
The game includes a timer that shows how much time has elapsed since you started the puzzle. If you wish to play the puzzle without thinking about the time, the timer is easily hidden.
The timer can be hidden from the Options menu by switching the "Show time count" setting to off.

- can easily be played with just one hand
Because you can play it with one hand the game is easy to play on the go.
Minesweeper Lv999 was designed so that you can play it anytime and anywhere.

* What is Minesweeper
The goal of the game is to open all the squares that doesn’t have any buried mines.
It’s the same concept that has been used to make various board games over the years.

* How to play Minesweeper
When you open a square there will be a number shown.
This number is an indicator that there is one or more mines next to the square.
Using the numbers as clues, search for the hidden mines.
If you think you found a square with a mine, use a flag to mark it.
When you have managed to open all the squares that don’t have any mines, you have completed the puzzle.

Please enjoy this free game in order to challenge yourself during your free time!

In order to make "Minesweeper Lv999" free for everyone to use it relies on advertising.

Thank you for your understanding and please enjoy our application!


Adjusted ad position.
Minor fix.
* New function
- Place flag with double tap (on / off by option)
- ON / OFF of inertia of scroll (on / off by option)
* Fix
- Fixed a problem that the lower part of the share image becomes black.
- Fixed a problem that the flag rarely remains on the screen.
- Added "Start in flag mode" item as option.
Please enjoy Minesweeper Lv 999.


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