Magic Kitty Cat: Bubble Pop
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Magic Kitty Cat: Bubble Pop

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浪漫泡泡世界首都的美丽的土地的童话魔法,有小猫非常可爱和可爱,但不幸的是我们被困在球,需要你救援。 邀请你加入可怜的母亲猫和小猫的救援游戏泡泡传奇 - bubble shooter脱机的冒险!
如何玩游戏泡泡传奇 - bubble shooter:
● 射出相同颜色的气泡,使它们爆炸,拍摄球像许多金币一样快得到许多奖励
● 拍摄鸡蛋被锁定到泡沫宠物拯救他们
● 当宠物通过调平救出时
● 有很多支持帮助你沿着球救出动物,如方向球,泡泡女巫,神话锤,炸弹...

在游戏中的功能泡泡传奇 - bubble shooter:
● 美丽的图象,五颜六色的迷人的动物与逗人喜爱和可爱
● 设计华丽的球,有趣的效果
● 游戏干草,平滑易玩,兼容所有型号。
● 智力游戏适合所有年龄段和两个适合办公室的人娱乐你打破

游戏泡泡传奇 - bubble shooter与许多人的童年关联通过简单的游戏和非常有趣,有效的帮助缓解压力。 下载和玩,感觉姐妹!

Shoot bubbles as popular games, with new gameplay and incredibly charismatic!

Romantic bubble world capital of beautiful land of fairytale magic, there are kittens are very cute and lovely, but unfortunately we're stuck in the ball and need you rescue. Invites you to join the adventure with pitiful mother cats and kittens rescued the game Best bubble shooter: Cat magic offline!
How to play the game Best bubble shooter: Cat magic:
● Shoot bubbles of the same color and make them explode, shoot the ball as quickly as many gold coins as received many rewards
● Shoot the eggs are locked into the bubble pet to rescue them
● When the pet is rescued by leveling off
● There is a lot of support to help you along the ball rescued animals such as directions ball, bubble witch, mythical hammer, bomb ...

The feature in the game Best bubble shooter: Cat magic:
● Beautiful images, colorful fascinating animals with cute and lovely
● Design gorgeous balls with attractive fun effects
● Game hay, smooth easy to play and compatible on all models.
● Intellectual game suitable for all ages and both suitable for the office people entertaining you break
● Free games, can play anytime, anywhere and the challenge with friends

Game Best bubble shooter: Cat magic associated with the childhood of many people through simple gameplay and extremely interesting, effective help alleviate stress. Download and play to feel sisters!

What's new

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***Version 1.2
- Up to 300 Levels
- Remove video ad, FAN
- New character beatiful Kitty Cat
***Version 1.3
- Compatibility updates & fixes
*** Version 1.4
- Update GoogleAnalytics V3 -> V4
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Detailed info

  • File Size: 41.84MB
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Update Time: Feb 28, 2017
  • Developer: Candy Yummy Free

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