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Top-secret project began to move in the phrase idle production.
Its name is [continuous live to 100 days of idle road-hell]Girl was the man in the street until just one day ago was chosen in its production.
This girl is left does not know the whole picture of the project, it became the thing to sing.
■ LIVE stage
Let the various live in all 10 types of venues.
■ idle
Such as the costume will change and raise the level of idle!
Please more and more strengthening.
■ live equipment
More and more production and raise the level of live devices will become a luxury.
■ Story
Story will occur at a certain timing during the game.
Please look at all of the story to finish 100 days.
[How to Play]
1: idle appeal When you tap the screen! Let's boost the live.
2: Let's further enliven live to release a new live equipment.
3: Get funds if ask a successful live. The more advances, is live, you can earn more money.
4: it is possible to liven up at once live and use the deathblow! However, note that can not be used for a while I use once!
[Recommended for Travellers]
Idol likes
Love, music
I like Pretty is
- Foster the character likes to
- Made to kill time like free training games
· Numbers like to see how the going up a moment
· Facebook the cute characters, people who want to share on Twitter

※ during game play, and if the app unintentionally was forced to fall, if you suddenly have to kill the app, because there is a possibility that the save data is not stored properly, please note.
Moreover, there Fortunately, if you can contact us at that time.
[Music use]

Detailed info

  • File Size: 24.69MB
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Update Time: Apr 8, 2016
  • Developer: good-place

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