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Let's have a meeting this weekend, relax yourself and do a soft massage for your body or go to beauty club to design your new clothes, new bags and gorgeous accessories. It seems that this is women's life, nothing can attract us except BEAUTY!Do you want to design necklaces, bags and shoes by yourself? Maybe now you can do those with your hand, which will be a happy thing!
Necklace Design: choose your like color and select the beautiful accessories to embed the necklace, that is the unique.
Bags Design: choose the bag template, the bags could be adjust other colors, various of patterns, which one would you like best?
Nail Design: Different nail tip length and shape, find the right and suitable color to match the season. So gorgeous!
Shoes Design: So many high-heeled shoes, adjust colors and design as your idea.
So many things can be done, but your face looks a little dirty? Just get a beauty salon club, do a nice salon now. It seems that today has a discount, good chance! Your skin looks too bad today, come, later you will be a beauty.
Do you discover you are a great girl? You can also be a designer!

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  • File Size: 20.55MB
  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Update Time: Mar 8, 2017
  • Developer: TNN Game

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