Fleet Commander:Pacific

Fleet Commander:Pacific

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Fleet Commander: Pacific is the first 3D RPG battle ships game. Millions of players have joined in this fierce pacific naval ship battle! Assign Mutsu, Hood, Iowa, Missouri, Musashi, Repulse, King George V, Nelson, North Carolina, Kumano and many more (USS, HMS, Bismarc coming soon) as you wish.

Take command of the Real naval ship and vary 3D visual of Naval Warships ever on the Pacific Ocean in history detail. Command and build up world's famous legendary battle ships. Assign battle ships like Mutsu, Hood, Iowa, Missouri, Musashi, Repulse, King George V, Nelson, North Carolina, Kumano (Under development: USS, HMS, Bismarck) on the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean and battle for glory! Experience navy gunships with latest 3D technology. Be the one rewriting the history of Pacific War!


Build Navy Gunships, Battle Ships and Battle Cruisers
☆Collect battleships and gunships from the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean
☆Upgrade navy officers and commanders from ensign to admiral
☆Customize design of your naval ship to maximize its firepower
☆Naval ship constructions of fleets make differences
☆Protect your battle ships from other fleets' looting
☆Unlock battleships/ gunships from ensign to admiral

Distinguished Battleships and Battle Cruisers
☆100+ famous warships ready for your command in the Pacific War
☆80+ real commanders aboard naval ships and navy gunships
☆Focus on the battleship's formation and admiral or ensign assignments
☆Maximize battle ships to its firepower
☆Upgrades fleet navy and boost warships and battleships
☆Polish battle ships/ gunships in Atlantic Ocean

Run strategic Warships & Battleships
☆Strengthen Commander Navy and your warships
☆Plan fleet actions strategically and manage warships properly on the Atlantic Ocean
☆Assign warships as admiral or ensign in formation before dispatching for gunship battles

First Naval Warship RPG with 3D Graphics:
☆Incredibly Immersive experience in battle cruisers with admiral and ensign aboard
☆Lifelike 3D Naval graphics and spectacular visual effects as immersed in the gunship battle
☆Realistic battleships with 3D ship model replication

Fleet Commander: Pacific develops your strategic battleships and gunships. Each single operate of naval battle ships and gunships lead your fleet to either heaven or hell. Enhance your gunships/ naval ships/ navy to conquer in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean and be the best commander! Download Fleet Commander: Pacific and challenge with your warships and battleships!
Fleet Commander: Pacific is completely free to play, however some warships related items can also be purchased for real money. Please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

For any questions or comments on the awesome Naval Warship strategy, reach out to us at: fleetcommanderpacific@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fleetcommanderpacific
Surviving in the fierce battle field will be a huge challenge. Are you prepared?


-New system: Captain Document added;
Enjoy your day with your own fleet!


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