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Front of Ashes

Front of Ashes

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Screenshot of Front of Ashes
Screenshot of Front of Ashes
Screenshot of Front of Ashes
Screenshot of Front of Ashes
Screenshot of Front of Ashes


Front of Ashes is a new air-land linked turn-based strategy game, exclusively distributed by bilibili.
In an infinite parallel universe, the human civilization is facing obliteration and they are trapped in the Last City, [The City].
Over the past few hundred years, the places beyond here have been overrun by plague beasts that have emerged from the darkness to devour and destroy human existence, returning all civilizations in the universe to silence.

Honorable Substitute Your Excellency.
I am your Servant Messiah, I have come from another dimension to extend an invitation to you.

In order to win the battle against the Calamity Beast, a great number of DOLLS have fought forward and backward, and they need your help, your command, and your mastery.

Please join us and fight for the fires of civilization.

- Land and air, two lines, strategic confrontation
We have both "air" and "ground" fronts, and both fronts will be fighting the enemy at the same time!
If any of the battle lines were to be breached by the enemy, it would have very serious consequences!
So always be aware of your baseline and your position against the enemy, it's about your tactical placement!

By controlling the distance between you and the enemy, you will get the most out of your "weapons" while maintaining your bottom line!
Controlling the distance will make it easier for you to achieve the tactical objective of hitting "important targets".
Controlling the distance allows you to not be vulnerable to being slammed by enemies!
Controlling the distance even allows you to annihilate the enemy without loss of life!

- Freely transform and customize the warrior girl
Each type of "weapon" has several functions to choose from to suit it, and matching the right function is the key to tactics! Each "weapon" has its own characteristics, and using the combination of characteristics and functions can make them play an unimaginable combat power!

In the process of maintenance and training of "weapons", you can mix and match them with different weapons and equipment, this experiment may have some unimagined rewards.

Of course, war is never about one hero, but about the history of the team.
Teamwork is also crucial, and a good match can help you find a quick breakthrough on the battlefront!

All right! Let's stop the dogma, the questions afterwards, and seek the truth in the actual battle.











iOS:系统版本ios10.0及以上,手机要求iPhone 6s及以上

平板要求:iPad air2及以上,最低需求空间2GB。






* 安装公测版本客户端前,请参与过测试的玩家务必删除过往客户端版本;

* 安装完成并资源下载完毕后,请您打开客户端查看是否出现"正式开服时间为9月23日11:00。请耐心等待,感谢您的理解。"的提示。

* 如代理人遇到任何下载安装问题,可通过以下联系方式告知我们,我们会尽快做出答复并解决:哔哩哔哩客服QQ公众号:800864530 客服电话:4001782233(9:00-21:00);

* 除了上述联系客服的方式外,也可通过微博、动态、社区评论等方式告诉我们,官方人员看到后会尽可能的回复,为各位代理人解惑。


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Version 1.0.28 2022-07-05
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