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Be sweet on this most interesting match-3 game!
-----------------------------------------Immerse your fingers into sweetest Candy Gummy. Collect gummy candies to march through this amazingly sweet story!
Candy Gummy Features:
- 144 deliciously gummy levels to guarantee your sweet teeth satisfied
- Travel through 4 sweetest maps: Candy Lake, Candy House, Candy Factory, Candy Town
- Match 3 or more gummies to collect tasty sweets
- Gather various gummies to win sugary level before you run out of moves
- Unique boosters and props (Including Count-down Candy, Jelly Shooter, Rainbow Candy, Angry Trick Candy etc.)
- Yummy new candies and stunning graphics
- Easy to play but challenging to master
- Playing addictive match-3 game for FREE
Sugaring up your life with Candy Gummy now!

What's new

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Version 1.6.1023 (13 May 2016)
- Added 48 New Levels
Version 1.5.1023 (26 Apr. 2016)
- The degree of difficulty for parts of levels were adjusted
- Fix minor errors
Version 1.3.1023 (19 Apr. 2016)
- UI was improved!
- New updates, new experience
Version 1.2.1021 (12 Apr. 2016)
- The degree of difficulty for parts of levels were adjusted
- This update will bring you more interesting gaming experience
Version 1.1.1021 (1 Apr. 2016)

Detailed info

  • File Size: 7.96MB
  • Current Version: 2.0.0133
  • Update Time: Mar 22, 2017
  • Developer: match_three

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