Hero Ben - Alien Power Surge

Hero Ben - Alien Power Surge

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Are you crazy fans of kid hero ben ?
Do you know omnitrix and other alien like heat-blast , Xlr8 or Stink fly ?
The omnitrix was created by azmuth as a tool of peace in an act of repentance following the destruction caused by his previous creation, Ascalon, a weapon of terrible power.
Heat blast is so cool. He is like the best alien ever. He can control fire and absorb it.
xlr8 => This dude is awesome I love him he is so fast he's just wow! This alien is super fast. He can win ANY race!
cannonbolt is a hulking, broad-shouldered alien covered in natural, yellow armor plating on his back, shoulders, and the backs of his arms. He is mostly white, with black on his upper half. He has green eyes. He has four claws on both of his hands. He has sharp teeth.
Stinkfly wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.
Transform, battle and fight to Ben Fire - Heatblast in Hero Ben - Alien Power Surge.
Play as kid hero Ben and unlock ben alien powers as he takes on the evils of the galaxy.
Hero Ben - Alien Power Surge is an free game where you unleash your favorite aliens from TV series.
This scenario in game you will be controling ben creature to collect omni energy to find another species of alien
This really fun game will be nice for relaxing, with beautiful space scene and many feature will make you love this game
This is a real funny game that children can amuse themselves with in their free time.
Hero Ben - Alien Power Surge is an adventure game in an awesome environment!
Use Ben alien powers to take down the evil genius Dr psychobos in a gigantic Ben adventures
Feature in Hero Ben - Alien Power Surge :
- Nice HD Graphic
- Many aliens to transfrom
- Amazing gameplay
- Super addicting game for Kid
Game is free. Download and rate 5 star if you like !


v1.0.7 fix bugs


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