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Slash & Girl

Screenshot of  Slash & Girl
Screenshot of  Slash & Girl
Screenshot of  Slash & Girl
Screenshot of  Slash & Girl
Screenshot of  Slash & Girl
Screenshot of  Slash & Girl
Screenshot of  Slash & Girl


n a world which is invaded and controlled by Jokers, the story begins with a ‘maniac’ girl called Doris who fight alone with Jokers. She is not trying to be a saviour, she has no interest to others, yet only running and fighting can bring her happiness and pleasure.

1. Be an adventurer! Defeat the Jokers and get to the end!
This is not only an parkour game, you can also call us action game! Beat all the enemies you met! Nothing can stop you and nothing is unbreakable!
Vivid immersion of fighting and extreme smooth is what we want you to experience!
In here, everything is about collision of power and art!

2.Speed and furious!
Getting bored easily in parkour game? Dash through it! Slash down and Speed up! Feel the control of the highest speed! In the unique Fever Mode, you will experience an alternative war in classical music , completely impressive in the contrast.
Other than battle and blade, there will also be a teddy bear waiting for you at each check point!

3.Dress up!
Dress Doris up! We designed various suits and weapons which allows you to match them to your own taste. Share them through social media!

A war between Doris and Jokers is beginning!
Are you ready for this?

Any question: [email protected]
Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/Slash-Girl-Joker-World-109054793855847/


Version 1.99.9201 2022-09-30
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Hello everyone:
Now it's Doris Radio broadcasting for you
Introducing the long-awaited version of "twin polaris"

1.Doris, do you believe in parallel universes?
Legend has it that there is a panda that can travel between different parallel universes. It always brings good luck to another time and space. No one knows where it comes from, but everyone calls it Bao. Bao came to Planet Hope this time and brought his heirloom "lucky wheel".

1.1 The question mark box has returned, it will randomly become the lucky draw coins of Abao’s lucky wheel, or the lightning obstacle damaging players.

1.2The lucky wheel has returned! Players need to get lottery coins in the event battlefield to exchange for the chance to spin the lucky wheel with Abao. By drawing the lucky wheel, there is a chance to get the weapon "STELLAR"

2.New National Day holiday limited sets - Star Marshal "Kuro" and "Roku"
The white-haired Roku represents purity and strength. As a Star Marshal, she is resolute and resolute, with a cold and strong personality.
The black-haired Kuro represents subtlety. She is also the Star Marshal, strong but dependent on her younger sister. If there is a day of parting, can she stand alone?
Sisters have to fight~ Let the starlight conquer everything! Black and white twins, shining debut!

3.Added the limited weapon "Stellar" for the National Day holiday
Starlight gallops, high energy is endless. If a beautiful girl wants to save the world, how can she lack a weapon that can be used in her hands? The supporting weapon Stellar of the two stars magistrates is a good interpretation of love and peace. Equip this big star, and let's go teach the jokers some lessons!

4.Optimization and BUG improvement
- The first two resurrection methods are modified to choose one of two diamonds and advertisements
-Optimized the beginners’ experience, adding 66 ad coin to all beginner players
-Optimized the free gold coin pop-up window
- Added close button to watch ads interface
-Optimized gold coin acquisition
-Added the pre-match props close button, and shortened the waiting time
-Optimized the difficulty of the battlefield and added the mechanism of jumping from the side of the jokers to avoid the joker's attack
- Integrate the ad-free method, and change it into an "ad-free" gift package for unified purchase, no longer scattered purchases. The contents of the gift pack for players who already have the corresponding function will become super box rewards
-Super box S level box extraction adds weapon guarantee function
-Optimized the difficulty of the easy mode, and the completion condition was modified to complete the 8th level of the easy mode
-Optimized the gameplay of the Nurse Shop, and added the function of exchanging extra capsules for gold coins
-Eastern Fire Blade returns to Superbox
-Increased the click area of the pause button in the battlefield
-Optimized the red dot on the suit tab
-Increased Prometheus hairstyle BUFF-enter the fever add 1 attack power
-Optimized the 3D modeling of red double ponytail hairstyle
-Optimized the 3D modeling of the character's face
-Removed some suit sets from shop promotions
-Optimized the way to receive free gold coins on the homepage
-Split the function of switching sound effects and dubbing
-Added ways to get different skins
-Fixed the problem that the timer does not stop in the background after the active battlefield leaves the game
-Fixed the problem that the event countdown did not stop during the dialogue of the active battlefield guide


Provider SunnyGame
供应商 深圳市晴天互娱科技有限公司
统一社会信用代码 91440300MA5GK1U464
Official Website Official Website
In-app Purchases Yes
Simplified Chinese and 1 more
Current Version 1.99.9201
Size 174 MB
Last Updated on 2022-09-30
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System Requirements No System Requirements
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