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Welcome to Panda & Fruit Farm Game. A simple game to create beautiful and funny shapes, entirely new challenging and attractive game play takes you to explore and overcome many journeys in the game.
The idea of Panda Bear and his farm, he has to harvest the fruits of his farm before being pests. In order to harvest, he needs the fruit baskets for holding, the baskets can only keep 6 fruits. The number of baskets is limited so in the process of collecting fruits, he has find more baskets to put more fruits and can complete the extra tasks almost impossible. The challenges on each level that Panda bears needs to overcome as obstructing vines during harvesting fruits, growing vines with irregular shapes will be one of the big difficulties. To break the vines, players have to harvest fruits in the tree. Poisonous spiders destroying crops spinneret which also makes fruit frozen. You have to help the bear remove cobwebs clinging to the fruit by picking the fruits around.
The tornado will make the direction of the upcoming harvest fruits change, you need to consider more carefully the fruit harvest. Along with the fruit decay out you have to catch the worm as soon as possible to avoid your wormy fruits, you will lose. Besides collecting the fruits you will have the duty to collect worms in the garden, which is a really hard work-----------------The feature of the game--------------------
- The game includes hundreds of levels we are constantly being updated weekly on google play
- Beautifully designed with 6 kinds of fruits: mangos, lime fruits, custard-apples, red peppers, plums, pears. Along with items such as baskets, god pitchers, hammers, and the hands to move the various obstacles such as worm, bees, vines and cobwebs.
- Combine 3 fruits in a line, you will get 3 fruits
- Combine 4 fruits, you will receive 4 fruits bonus a fruit basket and 1 featuring fruit that can eat the whole vertical or horizontal row
- Combine 5 fruits in a right angle, you can get 5 fruits and bonus two baskets and a fruit that can eat all 9 surrounding fruits
- Combine 5 fruits in a line, you can get 5 fruits and bonus 5 baskets, and a god pitcher that can eat all the fruits swiping with it.
- Item spray can make wormy fruit be normal
- Item hammer can break the fruit when it is not necessary
- Hand can change positions of two close fruits, once using this item you will lose 1 move
- Login Facebook to share your achievement with your Facebook friends
- Login Google Game Play to order your achievement and save your results in all different devices.
This game is totally free for users to download at basic level
Game is suitable for everyone. You can download and guide children to play because the game is really safe for all ages.
Note: In the game that features digital purchase if you let children play, note that all payments are non -refundable

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  • File Size: 51.32MB
  • Current Version: 2.5
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 4.1及更高版本
  • Developer: JetSoft Game Studio

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