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Lots of exclusive and very fun games!At Spritted you will find every kind of free game: arcade games, action games, soccer games, physics games, puzzle games, casual games, football games, sports games, shooting games, games for kids, girls games, and many more types. And also…
We offer every month a new exclusive game so you never get bored! Get now our cool and fun games for girls, boys and family!
Users´ testimonials:
- "Spritted app is so much better than Kizi or Friv games"
- "Spritted Fun Free games is an amazing app. One of the best apps in the app store"
- "Spritted app is a super fun game collection. LOVE IT"
Choose between the most classic games for out game collection, inspired in the entertaining arcade games, or opt for spaceships games and travel to the outer space. If you are more of a sports person you will love our soccer and race games, and for those who prefer the action you have to try our original fight and war games. Test your patience, concentration and intelligence with the different ability and math games that this app offers. And is there anything better than some puzzle games to kill the long lost hours? We guarantee you that you will have the time of your life with these games!
Featuring this free games:
-Get on Top Mobile:
Would you like to star in a robot combat? Wait no longer and jump, push, fight, pull… Do everything you can to make you enemy’s head hit the ground and win the fight.
-Odissey: From Earth to Space:
In this galactic version of the classic arcade game Bomberman you will have to get rid of the alien invaders thanks to your bombs. But be careful and don’t get too close to the bombs otherwise they will hurt you too!
-Gun Garden:
You have probably played for many hours Super Pang, well we recommend you play this funny version where you have to protect your garden from the insect plagues. Will you be able to get rid of every bug?
-War Games: Space Dementia:
Become a true space warrior and have a blast destroying the spaceships of your enemies. Getting rid of aliens was never so fun!
-Super Fat:
Play this fun version of the classic arcade game Pacman and have some laughs eating all the junk food that stands in your way. Show everyone there’s no hamburger or meatball you can’t handle!
-Math Max:
If you never liked math we guarantee you that with this game you will start loving them, because your life will depend on them. Get rid of your enemies just like in Mad Max and by solving every math calculation.
In this puzzle game you will have to join at least four cells of the same color to make a molecule and make it disappear. You won’t be able to stop playing this addictive game inspired in the Japanese classic Puyo Puyo!
-Foo***all Super Shooter:
No need to get out of your house to play foo***all, you just need your cell phone. Train thanks to this game and surprise your friends next time you play foo***all at the pub.

-Wrestle Jump: Sumo Fever:
There’s nothing funnier than watching two sumo fighters jumping around. And it gets even funnier when your best friend and you have to control the fighters! Are you ready to fight just like the Japanese?
-Penguin Rescue Hero:
Jump into the icy ocean and learn how to dodge icebergs in order to save little penguins. This game will test your patience. Will you be able to keep your concentration?
-Monsters Club:
If you are tired of so much candy leave Candy Crush behind and play this terrifying version. You will love combining the faces of your favorite monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein or the Werewolf.
Also featuring:
Fireman Fooster, Jump Bot, Runaway Ruins, Shape Blaster, Escape from Mars, Serpent Marbles, Boxes Barrels and Etc, Knack Machine, Lumber Jack, Sweet Crusher arkanoid, Ride the Virus... and evey week one brand new free game!

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  • File Size: 44.37MB
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Update Time:
  • Developer: Spritted.com

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