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Slay your way through 60 levels of monsters, ghost and ghouls in this action packed arcade-role playing game! • Responsive intuitive touch controls makes playing Hero’s Way effortless and fun!
• Never the same level twice! Random level generation offers unique replays!
• Gorgeous graphics, fluid animation, original musical score and digitally mastered sound effects immerse you into this epic world!
• Over 400 items and weapons to customize your heroes with!
Game Features:
• Dynamic single player control of three heroes in real-time action!
• Responsive intuitive touch controls!
• 6 Classes to choose from (The Warrior, Witch and Rogue are joined by 3 new heroes classes...Cleric, Demon Hunter and Mercenary!)!
• Upgradable hero stats!
• Over 400 items and weapons to acquire and customize your heroes with!
• Enhancing item and weapon magical gems!
• Charged Power Attacks utilizing your weapon’s magical imbued abilities!
• 60 multi-level terrain levels of game play!
• Random level generation for unique replay!
• Over 80 monsters, ghosts and ghouls to slay!
• 6 Epic boss battles!
• Gorgeous detailed graphics!
• Smooth fluid animation!
• Original musical score!
• Digitally mastered sound effects!
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Twitter: @lakoogames

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  • File Size: 24.40MB
  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Update Time: Aug 4, 2016
  • Developer: 拉阔游戏
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Latest Version :8.0 Android:8.0

User Review

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  • ゾナネブ


  • 小鹿吧
    Played game for 10 minutes

    首进游戏有弹出说明要 轻触屏幕连接谷歌允许在线存档 。这时点屏幕之后就没了反应,看评论说这好像要谷歌插件…但我只想好好玩单机游戏…断了网也能正常游戏的那种==

  • 青岚

    感谢万能的百度让我找到了这款初中时候玩的手游 那时候智能机还停留在三星时代 😂😂😂一直对这个游戏念念不忘 今天找到也是一个夙愿了结了。


  • and compare
    Played game for 4 minutes


  • 我不是高玩
    Played game for 2 minutes


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