Ultimate Minesweeper
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Ultimate Minesweeper

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The game is tailored to both beginners and pros alike, with levels varying from 1 to 1000!
This game boasts a massive 100 by 100 stage, a challenge for any veteran.

*Unique Points
1. Can't beat a certain stage? Don't worry!
Using a magnifying glass you can view what lurks below a certain tile.

2. Game Over? Don't worry!
You can use a magnifying glass to continue playing.

3. You can obtain magnifying glasses from the "magnifying glass shop" or try and obtain them in-game via excavating.

4. Fall asleep halfway through? Don't worry!
The game has an auto save feature so you can pick up where you left off at any time!

*How to Play
Put flags on tiles where you think a bomb may be located.
Flags can be placed by clicking on the flag button located at the bottom of the screen or by holding down on the screen.
You can use a magnifying glass to view what's under a certain tile.

*Guide for the pros
Clear the level by leaving only the tiles that contain bombs untouched and don't use any flags.
Recommended for the people that have honed their concentration and perception skills and want a real challenge.

Can you dominate all the levels?!

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Fixed security issue.

Detailed info

  • File Size: 21.47MB
  • Current Version: 1.5
  • Update Time:
  • Developer: marge

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