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Hyperstrike Go!

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Hyperstrike Go! 是什么样的游戏?卡牌收集对战游戏?塔防游戏?多人对战在线游戏?Hyperstrike Go包括有所有这些元素。这一类的游戏类型在市场上已经自成一体。Hyperstrike Go!在没有增加游戏操作的复杂性的基础上,通过在游戏中随机投放助力卡(Powerups),增加了对技能的挑战,丰富了游戏,在玩法上做出了新意,为热衷此类游戏的玩家提供一个新的选择。


What is Hyperstrike GO!?

What is "Hyperstrike GO!"? Is it a battle card collection game? A tower defense? A multiplayer online battle arena? Yes! We are all of those things. As you know, this genre of gaming has carved out a permanent place in the market. Here at BOXI Interactive, we strive not to imitate that genre, but innovate it. Based upon existing gameplay, we added Hyperstrikes that randomly generate in the arena. Sometimes they are immediate, sometimes they are part of your arsenal to use when you choose. This still works great with mobile gameplay and adds another layer of excitement and skill to the game that others do not have. We have more new things on the way as well. If you have further thoughts, please drop us a line. We love to hear feedback! Our ultimate goal is to give people fun games and keep innovating.

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For those about to fight, we recruit you.

Let the games begin! From the zany multiverse comes the first real-time, sci-fi, PvP combat card game.

The gaming overlords known as the Spheroids have abducted races from around the universe to compete in cosmic arenas for their gaming pleasure. You are in command of a diverse team to play in the madcap Hyperstrike Games! Engage your team in fantastic, fast paced combat for interstellar fun and fame.

Collect, upgrade and play dozens of cards featuring alien Monstrodons, robotic Metaloids and human Terranauts with all sorts of powers and abilities. Obliterate your opponent's towers to win medals, pennants and prestige in outlandish arenas around the galaxy.

Lay 'em, Play 'em and Slay 'em!

BE ADVISED, HUMAN! Hyperstrike GO! is a free game to download and play. However, some game items can also be purchased for real earth money. If you don't care to participate in this aspect of Hyperstrike GO!, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

A network connection is also required. Especially from earth.

• Race to grab Hyperstrike power ups to gain momentary combat advantages and sometimes surprising results.
• Compete against players from around the galaxy in real-time PvP and rip hard earned Medals from their grasp by crushing their towers.
• Thrill to the real time 3D characters, FX and locations.
• Earn Cosmo Crates to unlock fabulous rewards, collect powerful new unit cards and level up ones you own.
• Obliterate your opponent’s towers to unlock rich Victory Crates from the depths of outer space.
• Earn rewards, powers and prestige as you level up your team and collection.
• An abundance of unique and fascinating cards to collect, upgrade and play.
• Construct your ultimate battle deck to defeat your opponents.
• Compete in and earn each arena on your way to the top.
• Battle in alien, robot and human arenas for galactic glory.

Having problems? Visit http://www.boxi.net/index.php/boxi-interactive-support/ or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support in the app.

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