William Trubridge's Plunge

William Trubridge's Plunge

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WTPF’s main focus is to help to save the Hector dolphins. The title aims to achieve this through partnering with William Trubridge, a renown dolphin lover. The main character in WTPF is William Trubridge himself and the title is an intended representation of his free diving experiences.

WTPF has similar gameplay elements to Ridiculous Fishing by Vlambeer, the player begins with a mini-game in which the player's goal is to lower their heart rate as much as possible. The lower the heart rate the longer the player is able to be submerged underwater.

Once the player has completed the mini game the dive begins. Here the player must attempt to get as deep as possible, then ascend back to the surface in a single effort, with limited breath. The amount the player’s breath decreases is dependent on how well they completed the initial mini-game.

As an additional challenge players must also dodge fish and objects in the water to maintain a steady heart-rate. The further the player goes the more entertaining and exotic fish he will discover. However these fish will also be more brutal in trying to hinder the player’s progress. Viewing an exotic fish will be added to the player’s score.

The players dive must also factor in the journey back to the surface, which requires air. If the players air depletes he will cease swimming and will be retrieved by a diving team to return to the surface. Successful dives will result in a higher score, whereas dives in which the player runs out of breath will result in a decreased score or no score at all.

Once a dive has been completed, the post-dive window will appear with the player’s dive statistics and score. The post-dive window is modelled off of Youtube, this themed window represents William’s online sporting presence by using ‘Trutube’ views as the scoring system. The players points depend a variety of elements:

1.The amount of impressive actions the player undertook during their dive.
2.The amount of exotic fish sightings and the type of fish that were sighted.
3.Equipped items which give bonus towards score.

The players points are then converted into in-game spendable currency which players can use to purchase upgrades for their equipment as well as new items from the in-game store.

WTPF’s gameplay is based off of William Trubridge’s record breaking free dive. The title is an extraction of his experiences, converted into game form in an attempt to enable gamers to experience the dive for themselves.


- Improvements.


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