Chihuahua Dog Simulator 3D

Chihuahua Dog Simulator 3D

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What is it like to be a house dog staying at home alone? Check with our Chihuahua Dog Simulator 3D game!
Feel like a nice pet – Chihuahua! Explore house and finding a food or water to survive, or fight against pests (we mean rats and mice) and other animals like stray cats and dogs to have fun!

Are you tired of usual dog simulators? Try this amazing pet simulator in 3D! Being a pet is fun! Live the whole life of this beautiful dog! Start with the smallest puppy ever seen, raise it to an adult dog and then to the venerable dog elder! Be the most famous pet dog, eat, drink, make friends with other dogs, find your soulmate and fight against city predators!

Create your own Chihuahua clan! Find a female, make a lair and raise up puppies! Teach your little doggies how to survive and perform stunts as a real house dogs! Every stray predator wants to regale themselves with the little bodies of your descendants, so you should do everything possible to survive and protect them!

Don’t forget to mind your own health, energy, water, and food indicators – if one of them drops, there is no chance to survive! Earn points and upgrade your Chihuahua – or even buy another dog breed to play for! Miniature Pinscher, Yorkshire terrier, Pomeranian, Papillon, Toy Spaniel, even Italian Greyhound (Piccolo Levriero Italiano) – you can be any of these dogs!

Feel like a house dog staying at home alone, protecting it from varmints and raising up puppies! Enjoy Chihuahua Dog Simulator 3D - a great dog simulator in 3D for all animals’ lovers!

Chihuahua Dog Simulator 3D features:
Live the life of pet – explore the house as a dog, protect it from stray cats and try to find food to survive
Maintain health, energy and hunger rate of your small dog
Great chance to start your own pack
Opportunity to communicate with or struggle against city animals
Various upgrades for your dog – level up it every time you get points

Play Chihuahua Dog Simulator 3D - get to know what your pet does while you’re living your home!

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