Forest Alchemy Lost Chronicles
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Forest Alchemy Lost Chronicles

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It’s time for a little alchemy time. Let’s play this magical and very addictive match 3 puzzle game now! Swap and match 3 charms to release enchanting spells through the dreamworld of the witch. Potions and elixirs are ready for you as a little alchemist to throw around with sorcery. Combine the most powerful potions and charms to make it to the enchanting bonus points for more magical highscores.

Live your life through fantasy chronicles in the forest. Play and learn alchemy to get and collect the lost chronicles with potions and charms. This match 3 puzzle game is ready for some little alchemy from the little alchemist self. Take a shot, play for fun and enjoy long time!

Forest Alchemy: Lost Chronicles
- Very Addictive Gameplay
- Magical Witch Castle
- Fairy Tale of the Lost Chronicles
- Doodles of Forest Alchemy Elixirs
- Match 3 Puzzle Game Sorcery

Become the little alchemist in these fantasy chronicles and win the potions, charms and elixirs that you’ve dreamed about for years. Reach the kingdom of magic wizards and potions that is poisoned by the witch herself. This fairy tale is about the lost chronicles of the little alchemist, and you can solve all issues! Help us out and play match 3 puzzle game with magical potions, charms and elixirs. Let’s win this forest alchemy game!

Play with friends in this puzzle game like a real little alchemist. Have fun, enjoy!

What's new

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New levels are ready to play!
+ 20 new challenges, over 250 levels now!
+ Bug fixes

Detailed info

  • File Size: 50.23MB
  • Current Version: 7.280.7
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 4.0.3及更高版本
  • Developer: Go Vuzzle

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