Police Car Robot Superhero

Police Car Robot Superhero

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Police Car Robot Superhero is a perfect simulator game of 2017 for car and futuristic robot racing and robot fighting freaks. Police Car Robot Superhero is all about power, destruction, racing and police robot survival in intense situation. Police Car Robot Superhero will surely spin your head into million direction as there are variety of challenging mission ahead. Police superhero has been designed for catching criminals in the city. The crime rate in grand city is high and a real police superhero is needed who can fight criminals with amazing power and rescue city from evil monsters. You as Police Car Robot Superhero will chase criminals escaping in car. Drive as fast as you can and crash enemies with full destruction power in best sim of 2017. Hit city criminals as hard as you can and battle against the evil till they get fully destroyed. The police car can be transformed into robot when needed.

Be the furious car racing superhero and show off your super amazing drift driving on vast city roads. Crash down monster cars in shortest possible time and be the real robot superhero of grand city in Police Car Robot Superhero. As a real steel police legend warrior of big city, chase and hunt down the evil monster robo creating chaos in big city. The lives of people are precious only a real mech warrior legend can save them from evil monsters. Use extreme survival fighting power of your futuristic X-ray robo, strike hard with you iron steel hand and destroy criminals completely. Enjoy extreme furious robot fighting in Police Car Robot Superhero. Gain expertise in extreme lap racing so you can become the real police chaser of evil criminals in big city. So speed up your furious steel car, pass through the rings and checkpoint with furious stunt driving skills and mark your name in the best police chaser of grand city.

Be the best Police mech cop and engage in futuristic battle with evil criminal gangster monsters which are threat for city survival. Experience extreme fighting with futuristic mech in challenging and exciting missions. Police Car Robot Superhero is an amazing combination of robot battle game, police car chasing game, car and futuristic robo racing game. Save big city from gangsters who are engaged in various criminal activities. Put an end to city crime rate as real police superhero of grand city. Make best possible strategy to chase and crash criminals. Use full car racing power and crash down the enemies by hitting them hard. Destroy and crash monster car like a real police warrior superhero. Win car drift racing, futuristic robot racing and robot fighting in one of the best simulator game of 2017 Police Car Robot Superhero.

• Variety of Challenging tasks to perform in 2017 Sim!
• Superb 3d Graphics and Engaging Sound Effects!
• Robot Fighting, Police Car Racing, Chasing and Destruction!
• Amazing Grand City Environment!
• Great Controls and Animations!


Few bugs squashed. Enjoy the update of Police Robot Car Super Hero


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