Strange Crazy Neighbor 3D

Strange Crazy Neighbor 3D

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You are a strange new neighbor in the town who is crazy as a loon! Walking in the neighborhood you made up your mind to do some craziest stuff around. You decided to sneak in your neighbor house for crazy stealing mission which may put your life at risk. But you love crazy scary adventure and nobody can stop you from doing strange things in the neighborhood. If you love sneaking, fighting and searching strange things in neighborhood then Strange Crazy Neighbor 3D is what you are looking for!!!

In Strange Crazy Neighbor 3D you will fight against all odds and your neighbor who come in the way of your stealing mission. Try to be secretive and cautious else you may have to bare serious stealing consequences. Stealing adventure in neighborhood is not easy and requires some professional skills and tools. Remember stealing is tough and you may become a strange suspicious neighbor in your neighborhood. You need to be quick, smart and crazy to complete your mysterious task. Closely monitor the movement of your neighbor to avoid getting in the sight. There is nowhere you can hide, the only option in Strange Crazy Neighbor 3D is to fight!

Find door unlocking tools and search the house from where you can get your favorite stuff. Be smart and sneak into your neighbor house without getting caught. Act as the best strange neighbor in your neighborhood. If your neighbor finds you in his house, fight with them bravely using best combos of kicks and punches. Run as fast as you can to complete your stealing mission. In Strange Crazy Neighbor 3D you will do some strange crazy mysterious activities that you will find very interesting. There are different crazy items that you need to collect from neighbor house. But for collecting different things you first need to search them. For that enter into your neighbor house secretly and start looking for the item that you need to grab. Fight with your neighbor if he finds you standing in his house. Avoid kicks and punches of your neighbor else your health may get down and you can die! Once you are done with your crazy mysterious tasks sneak out of the house with safety. It’s a scary adventure for a pro stranger. Let’s be ready for doing some strange crazy stuff in neighborhood!!

• Act as a Strange Neighbor in your Neighborhood
• Different Crazy Tasks to Perform in Neighbor House
• Steal your Favorite Stuff from Neighborhood
• Sneak, Search, Fight, Grab Items and Much More
• Amazing 3d Graphics and Sound Effects!
• Engaging and Interesting Gameplay


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