Ultimate Shooter: Train Sniper
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Ultimate Shooter: Train Sniper

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The enemies are again active this time in more numbers. They are strong and wicked but stoppable.

They have hijacked trains of military supplies moving through desert and forest.
Will you become the glorious train sniper? Will you be able to shoot down these furious enemy shooters as trained Army Sniper?

This is your test! Take your position in military transports. This could be helicopter or jeep. Follow the fast moving train .Keep an eye on enemy forces. Its time to show your super sniping skills.

Set and aim you targets carefully. Take hold of your long range shooting rifles and pull the trigger. Kill the evil boss in time. Don’t let him escape in front your eyes.

You will enjoy slow motion kill shots. Destroy all rivals to end each level. Be careful of the intense cross firing from your enemies as it will lower your health. Rescue train at all cost. Experience the most thrilling air-train combat missions in realistic 3D Environments!


3D Train Shooting Missions!
Outclass 3D Environments!
Amazing Graphics!
Realistic Sound Effects!
Sniper Scope View!
Different Sniping Rifles!

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