Animal Hunter: Jungle Shooting Action 3D

Animal Hunter: Jungle Shooting Action 3D

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Survive yourself and the jungle and became the Jungle sniper by hunting down the dangerous animals. Get ready for this Jungle Hunting mission you will have to use all your skills and shooting talent to shoot down the animals. Test your sniper skills by choosing targets carefully. It is time to load out your weapons and get your 5 star shooting fix! In this game you can hunt different wild animals in the jungle like Deer/stage, Hen, Cow, zebra, Elephant etc. Use your sniper gun to shoot them. The Objective will be given to you at the start of every level and you have to fire at each animal within given time. Unleash skills for shooting as sniper shooter. Don't let any animal run away before the time ends. There are three stages of shooting down the animals. Domestic Animals Stage, Wild Animals Stage, Forest Animals Stage. The different animals are cow, sheep, hen, pig, elephant, hippopotamus, lion, zebra, beer, boar, fox, rabbit, stag, wolf etc. Survive on this jungle and shoot down the animals in given time. Even from old era soldiers are trained as archer shooter and they also learn archery hunting. Will you become a famous big-game hunter that kills the big five of bear, elephant, and lion? Go for hunting adventure and sedate angry bear before it attacks and kills you. Play this sniper action game having three different stages. You have to complete the targets which you are given in each stage within time. The stages are Domestic Animals, Wild Animals and Forest Animals. In deer hunting games you just have to shoot deer with your gun or riffles but in lion and wild animal, hunting these animal can attack on you and can kill you. Show your brutal attacking skills to hunt down wild beast in the jungle and save yourself from their counter attacks in this dangerous forest. All warriors and knights were expert in hunting the running animals. Fight with dangerous lions and beer. Arm yourself with the best Sniper Gun. Survive through the Jungle!
Game Features
• Smooth Controls
• Realistic Jungle Environment
• Wonderful Animals AI
• Several Jungle Shooting Missions
• 3 Different Modes
• Several Animals
• Non Stop Jungle Shooting Action
• User Friendly Interface
Start playing this Jungle Hunting Action 3D now to become the #1 Jungle Sniper and survivor. The best Animal Hunting Game. First Person Shooting Jungle Hunting Action in 3D!













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