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From the masters of Dress-up games Halcon comes RagazzA13,
The brand new dress-up game with Quests to challenge your fashion sense!

Ragazza means girl in Italian!
Dress up your very own girl, and challenge
your fashion sense with our Quests!
Come on… How many S Ranks do you think you can get?

Game Overview

■ Simply enjoy the dress up mode!
■ Challenge yourself with one of the many Quests available!
■ Draw a fortune slip from the Fashion Temple, and get rare items!

From GothLoli to Costumes and Band Fashion, there’s plenty of styles to choose from!
You can even change the make up to match your own unique style!
Don’t forget to upload your favourite outfits to the official website!

The world of Dress-up games has changed for good… See for yourself!

How To Play

Tap the menu to make the items appear
Drag the item you like onto the character, creating your outfits it's as easy as that!

You can save your favourite outfits into the list.
Resume your previously saved outfits from the list when you start the app (using the Continue function)
You can even save your coordinates in your photo gallery - so many possibilities!

How To Play The Quests

1. Select the quest you would like to enter after tapping on the Quests button
2. Follow the hints in the quest description and create an outfit
3. Get Ranked! (Ranks vary from D to S)

Hint Function

The HINT button has now been added to the Quests!
Use your fingers to reveal the correct outfit!

Official Website

RagazzA13 Official Website: https://halcon.jpn.com/ragazza13/

Download the app to receive your personal user ID and Password,
which you can use to log into the official website and enjoy exclusive contents!
(Choose "WEB" from the Save menu of the app to receive your unique ID for the website)
Fashion Contests and Fashion Circle (SNS) coming soon onto the official website!

Get the latest news about RagazzA13 from the Developer's site:

A World Of Special Items!

FIVE amazing shops are now open in the "Shopping World"!
・Fashion Temple: Better try your luck, the rare items are only available here!
・Casual Shop: So many fashionable items!◎
・Band Fashion Shop: Which rockstar are you today?
・Gothic Lolita Shop: fully loaded with original GothLoli items!
・Costume Shop: Here you'll find plenty of uniforms/items for Costume Play!
・SF: A must stop before you head to outer space!
◎ New items added regularly! Watch out for our sales!

■ Check the new items on the official website ■

What's new

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Version 1.0.4・You can now get points with video playbackVersion 1.0.1・ A bug that occurred at some terminals has been fixed.

Detailed info

  • File Size: 29.07MB
  • Current Version: 1.0.4
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 4.0.3及更高版本
  • Developer: Halcon
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