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Elves Frontier

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Every elf has its exquisite graphic, and you can summon your elves partners to fight with you. They are performed by unique look and voice actors. You can enter a wonderful world by entering our game!Features:
1. Explore Treasures in Instances
Except for passing stages to get rewards, there is one myterious map for you to explore in each stage. You may find chests, gold, gems, myth monster to capture and anything in the map!
2. Evolve to unlock more skills
You can evolve your partners to another stage to unlock more skills. Hold your fire and cast the powerful skills on the right time, kill the enemies by one shot!
3. Unique and Exquisite Look
You can upgrade your partners to higher level to get more beautiful look. Cute girls, strong men, charming ladies, and so on!
4. PK in Champion League
PK accross servers, there are many challengers and you should fight for No.1 and become the most powerful summoner of all servers!
5. Summon Powerful Partners
You can summon powerful partners to group a team. There are hundreds of warriors waiting for you. And different groups have different buff bonus.

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