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Princess Dream Tower


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Have you ever dreamt of building your own fancy castle? Let us help you make it come true!High buildings rise from the flat ground. Now shall we begin to build a lofty and great castle? We don't need any tiles or bricks, just tap the screen and easily the Princess Dream Tower will be built floor by floor! What's more, we also get you another style, which is the yummy and tempting Sweet Candy Tower! Come and build everyday, coins will be rewarded. Let's keep challenging and earn the epic achievements to make a Legend!
How to play
Open the game and the base has been prepared, you must notice those blocks moving above it! Now let's try tapping the screen, see, the floors are increasing! Take the good chance or the building will be tilted and you'll finally fail! The more precisely you tap, the more coins you will get. You can use some boosts with these coins, how about starting from 15th Floor or doubling the coins you may earn this time? Of course, you can also buy yourself more lives to play, and if you're not satisfied, use the coins to redo it! Just so easy and fun, call some friends and see whose tower is the highest and the most beautiful!
- Easy to play, the best casual game ever!
- Beautiful scenes, enjoy the game comfortably!
- All is Free, earn coins and use it wisely!
About Libii Game:
With over 400 million downloads and growing, Libii is committed to creating innovative games for kids. We'll keep working on establishing a good relationship with both parents and their children and bringing a healthy, happy atmosphere for them.
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Need You Know:
This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.

Detailed info

  • File Size: 26.27MB
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Update Time: Nov 3, 2016
  • Developer: Libii

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