[Escape game]Little Match Girl

[Escape game]Little Match Girl

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【4 different endings】
This is Escape Novel Game with a Fairy Tale "The little match girl" as a Motif
You can play whole game for free
For beginners to enjoy this game, we have implemented simple explanation of how to play, hint function and etc.

Although it is multi-ended, there is no such end that the leading character's little match girl miserable.
Please guide the poor little match girl that ends with tragedy in the original to the happy end.

It is a mystery solving game that you can enjoy not only those who like escape games but also those who love nobel games and adventure games.

The leading character is the little match girl
One snowy day, the girl could not sell any match.
Then a strange old woman came and asked the girl
"Can you light the match?". So the girl lit a match,
then she was locked in a room that was projected in the flame.
Let the poor girl escape out of the room!

【How to play】
You can operate easily by just tapping
You can look sround the room by tapping
When you get the item, it will be displayed in the itembox

Tap an item in the item box → item will be selected
Tap the item again while it's selected → Item will be enlarged
Tap the enlarged item → Check the details
Items may change, if you examine another item while selecting an item.

Let's try to tap where you think suspicious.

The text of this application is translated into English. But it's not done by a professional translator.
In order to provide this application for free, advertisements are shown in app.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

[Material provided by following sites]
Sougetsu-on: http://www.sougetsu-on.net/
Music is VFR: http://musicisvfr.com/
Sound effects lab: http://soundeffect-lab.info/
Let's play with free sound effects!: http://www.taira-komori.jpn.org/
Pocket sound: http://pocket-se.info/
Frame design: http://frames-design.com/
freepik: http://jp.freepik.com/
Ashinari: http://www.ashinari.com/
Illustcut.com: http://illustcut.com/
Silhouette design: http://kage-design.com/
GATAG | Free material collection one: http://01.gatag.net/

If you like escape games, puzzles, novels, novel games, adventure games, etc., please play it.


Function added & amended
· save & continue function implementation, etc
· Fixed the problem that game screen turns upside down, etc


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