Pink Girl Crazy Taxi Driver 3D

Pink Girl Crazy Taxi Driver 3D


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Welcome to 4x4 Taxi Driver 3D Simulator. It is a simulation game of crazy taxi forged for girls to play. Are you bored playing the boys’ games? Be a Crazy Taxi rider, So, Zara or Angelina, the taxi driver, is here for you to get you the Ultimate Taxi Driver 4 Real Adventure. The sim game have map skinned in the girls’ tone and taste. It has Super-Fast Taxi for Girls. With 4x4 Prado Taxi Extreme Racing, you have a cab to ride to hill station and city destination. Fasten your seat belt to go for a ride with Miss Angelina, The Pink Taxi Driver, and The Pink Girl.
The men are enemy nightmare for Angelina. She considers them as nasty and max damage to the society. It is her worst feature to be recorded in Modern Taxi Rally 3D. Men are her crazy rivals and foolish too to try to stop the lady driver, curvy women or curvy girl. She is one of the Furious Dusk Racer on this Soil expedition in Mountain Taxi Sim 17.
The taxi is not Bonjour or normal, it is Luxury Prado, always dream by you. You have to ride it passionately with amazement, as it is highly eligible masterpiece. The 4 wheeler Crazy Taxi for Remote Racing comprises hardcore fantastic features like Gear, Clutch, Brake, Steering, Accelerator, Mirrors, Headlights, etc. which are obviously enjoyable with freeplay impossible.
The taxi and hill driver is open for girls and children but it has thunder fighter raid like voice for men. She may sling the copter when a male try to sit in her Furious Taxi simulator 2017. Elizabeth, the female driver of Extreme Taxi Riding for Girls, has a Ferrari taxi, is picking up girls from various places in downtown and dropping them in the other city to Museum, School, Colleges, Hospitals and their Homes.
She is so skillful with her Max Speed Nitro Engine Taxi that she may simulate to excite and amuse the passenger in every environment with her 8x8 wheels. She has driven his Cruiser taxi from mad traffic city jam, many times. Taxi may climb up on hills and mountains when it is running on offroad tracks, and hence tilt on these curvy and slippery roads to slide off.
Her Grand Taxi Rally 3D Sim is expecting to participate in the furious women taxi race, which is to be held in a subway tunnel of trains. Her, Jasmine, master steering amuses the passenger on offroad channels, as she flies her taxi as avion affaieres.
Diana, one of the Monster Taxi Mountain Riders, got stunning entertaining qualities for picking you up and dropping you down to the farther distant places of your choices by safe auto driving her taxi through rush and completing her duty in parking mania, to avoid the traveler or fare being angry.
The splash local of Xtreme City Taxi Racing gives a view that the crazy taxi is a hill climber for crazy racing on asphalt offroad. So, Brenda, be a crazy racer to meet the competition with crazy rivals. The vehicle is about to risky cross road above the river crossing ultimate of Water Park to sideroller.
The Luxury Prado Vehicle Taxi with elevated features shows women empowerment and those women are not less than of men as she is a strong feminist. She is out with her luxurious car. She drives in a populated city and also on the hills. Choose the location within your game. She gives you cheap cab rates to drop you to your desired place. That will help her to complete the mission and get her coins. And with the coins she can get more luxurious cars for you to ride in. You will prove through Angelina that girls can also drive better. As everybody thinks, girls are bad at driving. Find women and children to travel. Take them wherever they want to go, either women shops or schools, etc. You can drive the taxi the way you like, can change the camera view. You can use steering, tilt or left-right arrow keys to turn left or right. Watch out guys, Angelina is here to make you out of her way.
Stunning and Amazing eye catching graphics
Auto and Manual transmission
Easy and intuitive controls
Furious and Modern Expensive cars
Realistic game play


Mini Map Added
Ads Optimized (Annoying Ads removed)
Game Mode Added (Easy, Normal, Challenging) this triples the playable levels
Game play changed to make it more interesting in city mode
Graphics Optimized


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