Soccer with Physics 2 players
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Soccer with Physics 2 players

Dummies Play Soccer

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Crack up with Soccer for Dummies, the soccer physics game that makes no sense and can be controlled with just one finger.In Soccer for Dummies you will enjoy a ridiculous and insane soccer physics game in which the rules you thought you knew about this sport don’t apply anymore. Shoot, jump, kick… do whatever you need to score a goal.
Soccer Physics! Features:
- Crazy physics. Stagger, jump, fall down and score goals in the silliest way.
- Different soccer fields. Play in the rain, on ice, indoors or in a field with giant goals. Any place is good for a soccer physics game!
- All kinds of balls! Score goals with soccer balls, tennis balls, bowling balls, beach balls, all whith different physics!
- Funny graphics. Take a look to the silly faces of the players… Just like in real life!
- Championship mode. Anyone can win the first game but it’s getting tougher. Will you be able to win the World Cup?
- Endless mode. One game after an another and another. It will be more and more difficult until you get beaten by that hateful team.
- 2 players in one device mode. Challenge your best friend and show him you are much better than him.
How to play: Tap the screen to jump and shoot at the same time. The first one to score five goals wins!

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  • File Size: 25.09MB
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Update Time: Apr 20, 2016
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