Virtual Pet Pugs  - A Pug Dog Collector Game

Virtual Pet Pugs - A Pug Dog Collector Game

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Virtual Pet Pugs are extremely cool dogs ! But these cute doggies are from a different planet. All the magic happens when you send them out and when they return back with mysterious things. It could be anything, something hard to imagine. But that's not all they also bring coins along with them.

What are these things? Are these pugs suffering from klepto maniac rapids syndrome? You'll find out !

Fill up the room with exciting mysterious items and that's not all. Dress your pug to suit your needs ! You can feed them, pet them and even bathe them and there are 2 additional pugs that help you too!

You never know what your stealing pug will bring back next !

■Fun Features of Virtual Pet Pugs

・Individual pugs have different personalities so you can enjoy their various actions.
・You can place them on your palm and pet them!
 →The more you pet them the more affectionate they become towards you.
・You can watch the dogs interact between each other.

■Highly Recommended For...
・Individuals who like animals, especially dogs and cats or boku to wanko
・Individuals who like breeding games
・Individuals seeking relaxation
・Individuals who want to play games at their own leisure pace
・Individuals bored of regular breeding, rearing games
・Individuals who like both hamsters and cats
・Individuals who want to overload on dog cuteness
・Individuals who find dog butts adorable

■What Virtual Pet Pugs is for.
・Perfect for killing bits of time
・If you like animals, especially dogs, there’s no questions you’ll get addicted
・Low-maintenance. Even if left on its own, it won’t die.
・Hard to stop once you get started
・Develop affection as you take care of them
・A casual pet for your smartphone
・You get to see lots of adorable dog butts
・Adorable pugs are waiting for your affection
・A game you can relax and play at your own leisure

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- negative money problem has been fixed
- other bug fixes


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