Fun adult Bubble Shooter
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Fun adult Bubble Shooter


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⚡⚡⚡Open your wifi, Welcome to sexy cowboy world!⚡⚡⚡--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Interesting platformer game play:
💡- Each level you are given a mysterious chest, which has everything you need.
💡- There is no game consumption, we added made you interesting little surprise.
(Of course, you will want to find the above two surprises, remember to turn on your wifi after how many levels oh)
💡- 3 or more identical bubbles shot get eliminated.
💡- slide your line of sight to change the direction of Bubble Shooter.
💡- make good use of the line of sight in a line on both sides of the wall to complete the precise ejection.
💡- the key change ball button lets you choose your favorite to shoot the ball in a number of spheres.
💡- I want to be sure to remember the perfect collection conditions required by the level badge oh.
💡- there are a variety of a variety of props to help you, so you need to explore, and are absolutely a surprise!
A sexy little girl with a cowboy when only a dream, that one day her through to her cowboy dream world, she was very happy, this time she found the ground had a golden badge, when she touch the moment, she received a delicate female jeans, she can not wait to put on, when she was full of joy when she found qualified to become a cowboy seems to be missing something, in her thinking, an escape is a horse lame one think he ran behind the horse billowing smoke, but the little girl only saw the horse when it shines, she finally knows what she is missing her missing is the horse, so the girl saved this horse horse, and started a fun games!
Now the girls grow up, have a new goal, to open the road all the treasure chest free to find all the different, still hesitant to decrypt box experience trip now!
💎- There are many mysterious chest!
💎- There are different items for you!
💎- There are beautiful, intelligent cowgirl!
💎- There are handsome funny horse!
💎- There are all kinds of strange bubbles!
💎- There is a rich cowboy world architecture scene!
💎- There is a very cool effect screen!
💎- There is a clear picture of fidelity!
💎- Here are the most smooth gaming experience!
💎- There is a very reasonable level logic design!
💎-Here you have to make full entertainment space!
💎-Help sexy girl complete her dream, come and join!

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