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Hackerz - MMO simulator

Hackers - Hacking Simulator

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Join a virtual world of hackers to do hacking missions, hack others and steal their mined coins or join a guild and conspire to gain access to another guilds datacenter main server and destroy it! Meet new friends and plant virtual-viruses in your enemies gateways!

This is a difficult game! Please read tutorials, and refer to our forum and youtube channel for how to play the game!

Get help from :
- Our official forum: http://forum.hackerz.online
- Video tutorials from our official youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/OkitooNetworks

- This is NOT real hacking, this is just a game, all of the IPs are fake and your device is secure, so you can't hack someones personal information with it.

- Keep your game IP a secret, if someone finds it you will become an easy target!

- New features are yet to come (tons of them)

- Chat available only for players having reputation more than 200 (to reduce spammers)

- Chat is fully moderated, players with unwanted behavior are blocked from chat, so please read the chat rules in the game carefully!

By Using the app you agree to the TOS:

Beta Version!
This means:
- There might be bugs!
- Server restarts (Announced in the public chat room and announcements room)
- Server might be down for upgrades/updates (announced on our twitter channel) https://twitter.com/OkitooHackers
- There are many new features coming soon.

How to play:

This is a hacking simulation game.
Once finished you will be able to:

- Upgrade hardware and software (Ready)
- Hack others to steal cash / code (Ready)
- Check your logs for people who hacked you and take revenge (Ready)
- Once you gain access to remote servers you can delete logs to clear your tracks (Ready)
- Email system with attachment (ready)
- Do missions and get paid for them (80% ready)
- Request missions (Jobs) and pay for them (Will be rebuilt - I don't like how it works now)
- Infect others with in-game viruses
- Search for decryption keys for special apps/software
- Public Chat room (Ready)
- Guilds (90% ready)
- Guild wars (each Guild has a datacenter. To know the datacenter IP you must hack the Guild leader and steal his IP file, which you can decrypt by hacking the co-leader and stealing his decryption key file, then building a DDoS bot and planting it in their gateway!)
- Guild chat (50% ready, mission, online users list)
- Country chat + Global chat (ready - Moderated)

Coming soon:
- Factions (Not ready - Might not implement)
- Teams (Not available yet)
- team chat (Not ready)

- Install specialized hardware like packet sniffers / self destruct / proximity sensors ... (Not ready)
- Build your own software (Not ready)
- Build software to automate some things in the game (Not available yet)
- Sell your softwares in the software center (Not ready)
- Build antivirus software and sell it (Not available yet)
- Build viruses, worms, trojans and backdoors and use them to infect others (Not available yet)
- Create a virtual botnet to pass some missions and DDoS virtual targets (Only DDoS bots against Guilds is ready)
- Track hackers and put them in jail (On the way)
- Team Fights (Not Ready)

... and a lot more to come soon.

- Internet : This is an online game, so it requires an internet connection.
- Camera : Camera permissions are required to read Q.R codes and decrypt some in-game files. (Game asks for permission whenever the camera is needed)

To help with the translations of the game:

PS: use our official forum for questions related to the game: http://forum.hackerz.online


- Bugfixes
- Added DASH


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