Toy Robot War:Swift Pterosaur
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Toy Robot War:Swift Pterosaur

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We have been working on the Toy Robot War series for a really long time.
We developed many bots with vivid color and models. We like to introduce you the Robot Swift Pterosaur. Let's enjoy the awesome experience of assembling this great dragon! In this version, we added treasure chest. After every victory you will have a chance to open a treasure chest. When you have enough diamond you could unlock the ultimate skill!!! In challenge mode you can be the domination of the city. Destroy the building, with kick-ass skill you will be invincible. In fight mode, you will meet multiple bosses and would use your skill to defeat the boss.
Enjoy the awesome fighting experience!Key Feature:
- Get the pieces out of the box!
- Great dragon robot to assemble!
- Be the domination of the city with the Swift Pterosaur.
- Defeat the boss with your kick-ass skill.
What’s New:
-New game mode added. Once you defeat a boss you will have a chance to open the treasure chest.
-You can get diamond from treasure chest
-The Ultimate diamond will help you unlock the ultimate skill!!!!

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  • File Size: 32.59MB
  • Current Version: 1.0.0
  • Update Time: Mar 29, 2016
  • Developer: acool

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