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Screenshot of Hanjiajianghu
Screenshot of Hanjiajianghu
Screenshot of Hanjiajianghu
Screenshot of Hanjiajianghu
Screenshot of Hanjiajianghu
Screenshot of Hanjiajianghu


【Plot Summary】

The war between the Northern and Southern Dynasties has left indelible scars on the earth. Displaced people are subjected to the bullying of foreigners, and the Chinese martial arts industry is divided between internal and external problems, facing an unprecedented crisis. The Abbot of Shaolin Temple, the Master of the Valley of the Sorrowful, and the Head of the Hengshan School ...... have passed away one after another, and a thrilling conspiracy is brewing. Who is the white-clad warrior who fights with his sword? Who can save the Central Plains martial arts forest in danger?

Ten famous swords ...... ancient, quite spiritual, only in the hands of the real master to resonate. For thousands of years, they were hidden in the world like a sleeping mystery. Legend has it that the ten famous swords will only reappear in times of chaos, who is the real master of the ten famous swords? Who is the real master of the ten famous swords? When will the ten famous swords shine brightly and pierce the darkness?

This is a partner of many, famous people gathered "group of warriors biography", not only the majestic young Xin Qiji, blood splashed peach blossom fan of Li Xiangjun and other well-known historical figures, and the beautiful peach blossom fairy, a dazzling style of warrior Yelu red, quirky Qu Xin girl, cold as frost Miss Zhang Yue, the sword dual master sister Li Pei Zhi, the action of the ghost-like Neishang, the poor life of the cold smoke Cuixiu sisters and other original characters. The warrior of the Jianghu to help the poor and the weak is intertwined with the war against foreign enemies, interpreting the essence of chivalry.

【Game Features】

- Unique charming world view and plot setting, open world plot direction
- Strong strategic combat with many changes, emphasizing competitive sword fighting system
- "Artificial open world", with details to carve out a varied and grand world
- 50+ joinable teammates, unique talent character portrayal
- 100+ learnable martial arts, ultra-high freedom in matching sets, this is a game full of sets!
- Being a high freedom game, how can there be no face pinching?

【Supported Devices】

**Note: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, the current version is not supported to run on these devices.

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Official QQ group: 533348793, 564624191, 568899230, 588576073, 640846322


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Version 2.0.3 2022-05-31
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