Command Attack Enemy: Special Trained Solder

Command Attack Enemy: Special Trained Solder

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LD: Forget all Virtual reality and augmented reality games, play the best sniper commando, assassin game with has a bunch of extreme shooting, special agent game of all times. Bravo Commando Duty: Terrorist War Mission Game is a realistic game against enemies in your city and streets. Terrorism is increasing day by day, stand for your countries’ prestige and protection. Become an honest, loyal and brave commando. Being an xtreme assault trained combat command, this is the time for you to take a brave step, go ahead, kill, shot-dead your enemies. Go to the parts where there are bases and roots of such anti-peace, dangerous, beasty creatures. In your country, terrorists are training their men for battle against your commandos and army. They have established their camps in secret places around you. This is a serious security issue. Army commandos are gathering their power on the front-line of border.

Front-line commandos should be ready to counter enemy attack at any time. Enemy army invasion can happen at any time. As best army commando you are given task to bring hype in army soldier’s power. Don’t let the enemy make strong hold near your camps. Take timely decision and immediate penetrate in enemy camps and kill every single soldier of your enemy before they play game of blood and fire in your county. Take military troops from their base camps to the terrorist areas, terrorist have rocket launchers, but you have killer-tanks, knock them down, save your souls from the fierce enemies, they have planned to throw bomb on your drove as you progress in their territory.

Bravo Commando Duty: Terrorist War Mission is for the special ops soldiers who do not like any ordinary military and army games, but they want special trained commando snipers in this game to get the job done in less than the usual time. Different types of heavy weapons will add to the utmost adventure and excitement of this game, try different guns in different levels of this game and get the best one for the biggest threat you have to your country. Upgrade your weapons and mission based on the achievements you have got earlier in this game, score more points ion form of coins by killing more militants of opponent country and criminals in case you are fighting in the country against terrorists or anti-peace agents.

Breathtaking features of Bravo Commando Duty: Terrorist War Mission are:
Ultra realistic 3D graphics and cool animations
Multiple amazing missions, in every level
Heavy machinery and latest sniper guns
Different city environments, with best hiding and shooting locations
Kill more enemies to get more coins and thus leading to up gradation of level
FREE to play
Outclass sound effects, Background and shooting sounds
Use you left and right controls to play this game 

Lift your guns, check the bullets, make the LLC secure, attack can be from anywhere, anytime, keep eyes all across, mountains, buildings and homes any of them can be the safe spot of those terrorist’s sleeper cells.











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