Tank Headz - Online PvP Arena Battles

Tank Headz - Online PvP Arena Battles

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Wipe out your enemies with skill, strategy and a rocket launcher. Are you ready to go in with all ***s blazing? This is madness. This is Tank Headz.

Get your flamethrower warmed up and join the carnage in fast and furious Tank Headz battles!

- Choose your tank, pick your driver, start shooting
- Destroy the enemy tanks in fast, frantic PvP deathmatches - score the most points to win
- Pick up gadgets like the lethal rocket launcher or the sneaky cloaking device to get the winning edge
- Perform crazy stunts from jumps and ramps to surprise your opponents when they least expect it
- Get strategic - each driver has special skills to help you compete, from speed boosts to extra health
- Battle it out in colorful arenas featuring creepy caves, colossal cliffs and tricky tunnels
- Earn coins to upgrade your tank, drivers and gadgets to make your opponents shiver with fear
- Blast, bombard and flamegrill your way from League I to the dizzy heights of League VIII

Strategy. Tactics. Explosions. Have you got what it takes to be a Tank Head?

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Note: This game features in-app purchases and you need an internet connection to play


In this update we are fixing even more issues that the Tank Headz team has now defeated. Enjoy!


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