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Emoji Hop📡❣

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Ready to Roll with me? Drop your keyboard and let´s have some tapping action! Play this amazing game with me and let´s see what you got! Make the smiley emoji stay on the cubes
path to keep it rolling. Found a step or space between the cubes? Tap to jump, simple as that.
Not so fast though! This ain’t simple as it seems. You´ll have to focus to be able to clear some
levels. I guess no need to explain why this is almost impossible as you´ll not find a way to
cheat. The answer to avoid the imoji is how do you handle the jumping action. Joking, it´s all
about practice and reflexes. Keep playing, you´ll find your brain has an update on the eye-
hand connection. Remember, you must tap, not trying to pop the poor smileys! Stop making
guesses about it, simply try it! You´ll have hours of fun. It’s a good app to kill time when you’re
waiting for your wifi wifey or your wifi hubby! Double tap to jump higher or… at least, that´s
what I do. Make your emoji run, jump, roll & dodge the obstacles Begin your journey
and stay on the cube path!
★😎★ Keep Rollin’ & Bouncing while you play hard to stay on track! Discover the New Jumpy
Experience in Emoji Hop Available Now for FREE on Google Play Store (Limited Time
Only Guys❣) ★😎★
My game is perfect for all, adults and kids. But, no one can beat my high score! Try if you don’t
believe, maybe you can place your name on the Leaderboards. If you achieve long distances,
you’ll find some new cute emoji. No boring texts to read “what is this?” instructions about how
to play. Jump-tap & repeat. That´s all folks! Stay on the line, the cubes will build your way with
some zig zag looking cubes, but these are steps. Play with your friends, take a picture of their
faces while playing. It could turn into a hilarious new kind of art to use for creating new
emojis. My one and only emojii roller can be addictive too; no hints, no cheats, just you against
the puzzle path the cubes are building. Stop scratching your head, dive into this adventure!
🎉😏🎉 Be Part of My Bouncy Emojis Jumping Challenge! Join the Community & Beat this
Increasingly Difficult Game: Emoji Hop for Free NOW on Google Play Store!!! 🎉😏🎉
This super cool game has soothing clean color graphics, crazy sound effects, low memory
occupation, friendly and Intuitive controls; but no power ups. Sorry, told you there’s no way
to find cheats! Remember, those tricky cubes are building your path in real time, just
have to wait for the perfectly right moment to tap and get to cross to the other cube. If your
emoji ball falls, you´ll have to start all over again. Will you be able to react fast enough to
conquer the endless path? You can try maybe to switch to another emoji; it could bring you
luck. You´ll need it unless you have a perfect control of the smiley balance!
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follow us on Instagram 📷 @EmojiHop ★😜★
Features of the game:
- Option to Switch your Emoji Character
- Easy to Control & Play
- No Nerve Stressing Time Limits
- Colorful Graphics & Funny Sound Effects
- Fun Game to Pass Time
★ Pick this marvelous game among other emoji apps that bring no fun! Enjoy taking control
of these funny guys completely FREE!!! Download Emoji Hop NOW !! ★
★★★ Follow us on Instagram @EmojiHop ★★★

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  • File Size: 5.50MB
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Update Time:
  • Developer: Nicholas bean

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