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简介 is a free action io game, in this io game your main aim is to kill all the moomoo monsters. moomoo io will be moving in different direction towards the castle trying to destroy it. is a very addictive io game. In this io game you will smash moomoo characters with your finger! You can use multiple fingers together :)
moomoo io is a highly entertaining for all ages, boys and girls. It's so addicting! Experience this killer invasion!

How to play:
* Tap on the moomoo monsters to kill them before destroying the castle
* Be aware of angry moomoo, don't tap on them, it will make a game over

In io you need to:

- Collect resources around the moomoo io map to build a village.
- Your windmills generate points over time.
- Make sure to protect them from other players.

Basically in moomoo io you try to become number one by points. You can build a base, like arena closer, or be a savage reckless person and kill everyone. Windmills generate points. Killing gives you points.

Don't kill all players who mining tree or stone as you have a chance to be an io moomoo team!

Try to survive as much as you can in this farming game and have the biggest farm on land.
No Lag and no performance problem. Smooth gameplay with this moomooio game.

You can play moomoo io everywhere (no matter online or offline).


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