Multi Robot City Transport Sim

Multi Robot City Transport Sim

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Get ready for an ultimate multi driving experience in most amazing Multi Robot City Transport Sim of 2017 where futuristic car robots and moto bikes are waiting to be transported around other corner of the big city. Multi Robot City Transport Sim will give you a classic multi driving experience on vast city roads with epic transformation that begins with controlling and transporting giant futuristic robot, extreme bikes, and fast driven robo cars on to a heavy duty trailer truck. The best part is as a real superhero, you can transform your cars and bikes into big futuristic steel robot on city roads any time you want. You will definitely enjoy the most epic multi transformation process in Multi Robot City Transport Simulation 2017.

Multi Robot City Transport Sim gives you this epic chance to get hands on experience on multi moto vehicles in very short time. As this transformation game contains super amazing fast bike, furious city cars, multi transporter truck and big shadow futuristic robots so this is the time to get perfection as a real superhero moto car driver, extreme moto bike rider, furious robot car driver and pro multi trailer robot truck driver of 2017. What could be more amazing than having multi transformation vehicles at your disposal and driving each one of them on vast roads of big city? Multi Robot City Transport Sim is all about skillfully driving and transporting multi transformation vehicle like shadow robots, furious cars, super amazing heavy bikes on heavy duty transport truck and transporting them timely to the desired location of grand city. Keep time restriction in mind as failure to transport robot, cars, bikes on multi transport truck will result in level failure. Avoid hitting traffic on road.

If you love showing some super amazing road stunts, then Multi Robot City Transport Sim is for you as you can be an extreme superhero robot moto bike rider and furious robot car driver and can enjoy extreme thrilling and driving in this transport sim of 2017. Have a super moto bike ride on big city roads and transform into shadow steel robots before loading bike on trailer truck. Exhibit epic car driving skills and upload it successfully on multi transport truck. Deliver all transformation vehicles on city roads whether it be robot cars or bikes.

• Amazing Big City Environment to Explore
• Transformation of Steel Robot into Bikes and Cars
• High Quality 3d Graphics and Engaging Sound Effects
• Thrilling Car Driving, Bike Riding and Multi Truck Transport Missions
• Best Driving And Robot Transport Sim Game 2017













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