I don't hear ya!

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'Sorry, I'm not going to listen to you anymore!'
Train your mentality with 'I don't hear ya!'.

'I don't hear ya!' is a game where you 'cover your ears' to protect yourself from people's nagging.

You can play the game for free.
It helps you develop your concentration with easy game play.
Get various characters and items with the coins you earn!

Until you become 'Unbreakable', concentrate and protect yourself!
[It's not easy this time again...]

!!!Special event!!!
Go to 'Option', tap the 'Coupon box', and write [Don't get fired!].
You will get 'Free coins' and 'Item' as rewards.
[Make sure there's no spacing!]

Developer Contact : quick_turtle@naver.com

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[v.1.0.4] - 16.03.10- Google feature fixes

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