Army War Survival Simulator

Army War Survival Simulator

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The survival story begins with a commando mission to rescue the survivors from a army raft debris in the pacific ocean attacked by enemies. While returning from the army raft survival mission, the enemy destroyed your helicopter on an island near you army base by shooting with a sniper shooting gun. The Army Commando needs your help to survive this enemy war zone. Survive the escape mission in an island among stranded deep ocean. An ultimate survival adventure! Your army commando men along with the military raft survivor has established a base camp but the enemy has attacked it. Fight for their life. Experience the toughest circumstances. Plan a strategy to escape the air strike and survive the mission. It’s going to be a hard time to escape the landmines and diffuse them for your army men. The Island is protected by armed enemy soldiers, trained intelligence agents, spy and expert security team. Don’t let the enemy shoot you and imprison you in this hidden island. In case you get shot, heal your injuries with a medical kit. Now its time to start your stealth operations to get free from this enemy forces hell. Move as invisible as a ghost. As a brave military officer hero you have been trained to survive the toughest of conditions and fight like a hero. Cross layers of security, strong and patrolling armed enemy security officials. Fight like a ninja, search for weapons to kill the enemy. Be careful about the landmines, air strikes, gun shots and bombings. Kick, punch, shoot and kill!

Help your soldiers and raft survivor escape from the helicopter like a real commando. Go for your freedom. Army War Survival Simulator story begins with a hard time to escape from the enemy Island war zone along with the other war prisoners. Play extreme survival missions in a dangerous mountain island with wild animals and use your driving skills to drive a raft to escape. Run for your life, meet your army soldiers, fight the brutal targeted missions in a forest, escape from the inescapable Island enemy security chase and use your driving simulator to fly a helicopter simulator from war zone, first person shooting and third person shooter skills. Escape, Run & Shoot security officers in Army War Survival Simulator! As a mastermind, use weapons to help you attack your rivals. Use all the possible tools to defend yourself from thugs and kill the rivals. The hard time will pass away once you breakout free from the shooting and attacks. Try escaping from even the narrowest ways. Running fast can make you farther from being caught. Give them a hard time. Bang the rivals and thrash into wardens. Have a safe survival from enemy soldiers! Fight the brutal army men and wild dogs with hints and tools. Grab your weapons, make use of your archery skills to fight for your life survival.

Army War Survival Simulator features:

√ Sneak & Kill Enemy Soldiers
√ Real Thrill of Escaping the Survival Island
√ Thrill of Playing the Role of a War Survivor
√ Safely Cross the Landmines & Diffuse them
√ Escape Gun Shot & Dodge Enemy Air Strike
√ Save your Men from the Crashed Helicopter
√ Multiple Gameplay challenging Escape Missions
√ Heal your Injuries & Help others to Survive War Zone
√ Super Fast & Smooth Controls of Sniper Gun Shot & Archery
√ Action packed challenging missions with driving a Raft
√ A Complete Survive & Survival Escape Story to Accomplish
√ Amazing 3D Island Environment & Excellent Shooting Sounds


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  • 当前版本 : 1.0
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  • 系统: 2.3及更高版本
  • 厂商: Nation Games 3D






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