Commando behind war:  contract sniper killer pro

Commando behind war: contract sniper killer pro

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Start the killing: FIGHT the global war on crime and become the ULTIMATE SHOOTER.
Are you ready to go on a top secret sniper mission? The city's crime rate increasing day by day and the security forces are forced to intervene in this situation.
Forget those dumb, repetitive shooting games. Here, your duty will include racing against time, exploding helicopters in American cities, and quite a few bloodshed headshots in slow motion. But can you solve the puzzle, save the victims and kill only the right target hidden in the civilian?
Use your Sniper fury 3D gun city shooter experience to assassinate the traitor agents, corrupt politicians and drug lords. Aim and shoot to kill. Start killing in one of the best shooting games ever. It’s a free game to test your shooting skills. Time for an ultimate war action, aim at evil & shoot to kill in an absolutely amazing secret agent games. You are a two decades experienced master Secret City Sniper Assassin 3D serving your country when you get a call about a group of terrorists who are operating from a city attack. These criminals have taken the locals hostage and are using them as human shield. Your job is to ensure that all hostages are free and you have shoot to kill orders for terrorists. You have to eliminate, sharpshooter, kill and finish criminals using your supreme master elite sniper assassins. Your training and experience makes you the best master sniper 3d assassin who can take headshots as well as shoot & kill terrorists and criminals in a blink of an eye. Rush & Explore the crime city for any crime to beat the drug lords, criminals, corrupts and traitors in the public and kill them all. Be the skilled secret agent. Grab your assault rifles, commando combat shoot at the criminal cars and keep running to escape from hostile situation.
As a well-trained secret sniper simulator from special weapon and tactics team, take secret dangerous battlefront, eliminate terrorists. In the American Sniper Assassin World, experience the laser shooting, zoom in and identify terrorists and realistic weather conditions during different missions. Hold your breath, pull the trigger and let the bullets blow them all up!
The game comes up with the amazing 3D graphics, controls and animation which give an exhilarating and thrilling experience. There is no turning back and the 3d sniper games have to eliminate all miscreants indiscriminately without any hesitation. The City Sniper games 3d have to ensure his focus and determination before firing his first shot.
- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations
- Tons of metal GUNS, Rifles and mortal WEAPONS
- ADDICTING gameplay (FPS)
- EASY and INTUITIVE controls
- FREE game: play it both on your phone and tablet













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