Sword of Fantasy-3D MMO ARPG

Sword of Fantasy-3D MMO ARPG

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[Game Information]

Ordinal Scale, first Japanese style 3D ARPG with crossover elements is coming to your mobile device now! It allows you to control a ‘multi-character teams’, providing you the most thrilling mobile gaming experience ever. Ordinal Scale is redefining next-gen mobile game.

[Game Features]
1. Detailed 3D character models: With vibrant 3D effect and exquisite design of characters, you’ll experience a marvelous adventure.
2. Build heroes the way you want : you can choose any type of heroes and immerse yourself in Dynamic Effects and Diverse Skill Animations
3. Free switch between lineups : Here you can experience strategic gameplay.
Exploit the enemy’s weakness by optimizing your team setup. Pair the right members in the right place and consider the synergy bonuses and skills.
4. Amazing cinematics and storytelling: An immersive story with interactive and extensive character development, you can explore the unexpected adventure.
5. Infinite combinations : There are numerous game modes: Scythe of Destiny Christmas Bulwark , Babel Tower, Championship and Cross-server Arena .etc.
6. Powerful Bosses & PVP challenges : Rise to the top of the leaderboards in numerous compelling duels against rivals from all over the world.
7. Smooth control in thrilling battles: With vibrant 3D effect and exquisite design of characters, you’ll experience intensive true impact while manipulating with fingers smoothly!!!!!
8. Guild war: Join the league and challenge your highest scores, and push your skills to the limit! Build your guild, challenge guild bosses and plunder mines. Get stronger and win in the Guild War.

[Game Play]
1. Experience a Dazzling 3D ARPG of Perfection.
2. Strategic gameplay will be needed and Make all the characters in your team shine in the challenges and become real HEROES with the upgraded system.
3. Explore the single-player questing mode, or play together with your friends in many types of gameplay: Challenge Battles, Babel Tower, Guild war and Cross-server Arena.
So what are you waiting for ? Just download now and fight in Ordinal Scale!

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